Our 3-Day Fasting and Prayer: Breaking Limits Starts Today!

Today marks the beginning of our powerful journey of fasting and prayer, themed "Breaking Limits." As we set aside these days for consecration and seeking God's face, let's remember:

🔥 Breaking Chains: This fast is an opportunity to break free from the chains that bind us—whether they're doubts, fears, or limitations. With faith, we can shatter every obstacle!

🙌 Seeking God: Dedicate time to seek the Lord earnestly. Let your heart be open to His guidance, His wisdom, and His transformative power.

🙏 Spiritual Renewal: Expect a renewal of your spirit, a rejuvenation of your faith, and a deeper connection with God. This is a time of spiritual revival!

💪 Strength in Unity: We're on this journey together, as a church family. Our collective prayers are powerful, and together, we can achieve great breakthroughs.

📖 Guided by His Word: Let's meditate on God's Word daily. His promises will be our strength and encouragement throughout this fast.

🌅 Anticipate Miracles: God loves to perform miracles in the lives of His children. Be open to the unexpected, and trust that He will do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think.

Join us in this sacred endeavor. As we fast and pray, let's believe for miraculous breakthroughs, divine revelations, and a deeper understanding of God's plan for our lives.

Don't forget to share your reflections, experiences, and prayer requests during these three days using #BreakingLimitsFasting. Let's support and uplift one another in faith. May this time of fasting and prayer be a turning point in our lives—a time of breaking limits, experiencing God's limitless love, and drawing closer to our Heavenly Father.